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Logo and tagline

How to use Stora Enso logo and tagline?

Always follow these guidelines when using Stora Enso logo and tagline. The download links can be found at the end of the page.

Our logo symbolises Stora Enso’s commitment to creating a sustainable future for our planet by developing innovative solutions based on renewable materials. Its form is inspired by the eucalyptus tree flower. Eucalyptus trees are one of the most efficient sources for pulp production. It also represents the self-contained cycles of nature and recycling, a circular saw blade used to cut wood, the large rolls of paper found in paper mills, and flipping sheets of high quality paper found in books.

The logo consists of two parts, the mark which is the text “storaenso” and above this text is the symbol.

The global demand to replace fossil-based materials with renewable products and solutions is growing, and Stora Enso is positioned at the forefront of this development. This is why we use our tagline “The renewable materials company” in our customer communication as often as possible. Our tagline highlights that we are experts in forest-based renewable materials.

Logo versions

The logo is available in three different colour settings: standard logo, greyscale logo and black logo. It is always placed on a white background. The logo should not to be printed on see-through material. The logo can be printed on actual brown board.

Standard logo

  • Basic format for most uses.

  • Use whenever possible.

  • Use only on white backgrounds.

Greyscale logo

  • Alternative for uses where only greyscale printing is available.

  • Use only on white backgrounds.

Black logo

  • Black logo when greyscale or colour printing is not possible.

  • Forms the basis of embossing and engraving if the greyscale effect cannot be simulated.

Different logo versions

Logo sizes

There are two logo versions for normal use; the Small logo and the Standard logo. To ensure legibility, never print the Standard logo smaller than 50 mm in height. For smaller uses, use the Small logo but never print it smaller than 16 mm in height, or larger than 50 mm. The greyscale and black logo follows the same guidelines. Always make sure to have the correct amount of clear space around the logo. Read more about clear space later.

A minimum sized logo has been provided for web use and can be downloaded from the BMT, it is 103 ×121 pixels (1/5 of logo height clear space = 00 pixels). Larger versions can be created from this file.

Logo clear space

To maximise recognition of our logo and to maintain its integrity, an area of clear space should always surround the logo. A minimum clear space of 1/5 of logo height should be used on all sides of the logo. No other elements or information should intrude into this area.

Logo usage

The Stora Enso logo is the embodiment of the brand. It should never be edited or distorted. Under no circumstances should you attempt to recreate the logo yourself; always use the master artwork supplied on BMT. The Stora Enso logo may only be placed on white backgrounds, or on on brown board.

Logo placement

There are three recommended corners to place the Stora Enso logo depending on the design of the application. Remember to place the logo with assigned minimum clear space. For more details regarding logo placement and exceptions, please see the application section.

Logo don'ts

  • Never separate the Stora Enso wordmark from the logo.

  • Never place the logo on any other colour than white.

  • If a coloured background cannot be avoided, e.g. in clothing, the logo should first be put on a white background.

  • Never apply the logo to obstructed, dirty, or otherwise unfavourable places.

  • If for some reason the logo cannot be used, use the URL set in Helvetica Neue Roman.

  • When using the logo together with other logos, please keep in mind the recommended clear space.

Logo and tagline proportions

The tagline can only be used in black or white depending on the background. The tagline should never be edited or distorted. Under no circumstances should you attempt to recreate the tagline yourself; always use the master artwork supplied on the BMT.

When the Stora Enso logo is applied together with the tagline, the height of the tagline should be half of the x-height of the wordmark in the logo.

Product logos

To ensure consistency and clarity in the communication of our products and services a unified product logo system has been created. With this system we can reinforce Stora Enso’s one company approach and brand strategy. A guideline has been developed to support Stora Enso employees and external vendors in the use and application of Stora Enso product logos when creating communications materials.

All product logos are made up of the same two components, the Stora Enso identifier shape in Stora Enso logo colour orange and the typeface Helvetica Neue. The Stora Enso identifier shape is a graphical element that is used to add character, colour and energy to our communication. The shape comes from one of the petals of the Stora Enso logo. The Helvetica Neue typeface is a classic sans serif that is both functional and highly legible. When combined, these two elements create a clear and unified product logo system.


Stora Enso logo files can be found on the public media bank at the BMT. No registration needed.

Download Stora Enso logos

Stora Enso tagline and product logo files can be downloaded at the BMT. Registration needed.

Download Stora Enso logos and tagline

Download Stora Enso product logos