SEEDS - Stora Enso Design System

SEEDS - Stora Enso Expanded Design System

More than just the digital screen designs: An end-to-very-end design system to discover business problems and deliver digital solutions efficiently and consistently.

Great experiences and results don't just happen!

Follow a systematic approach with SEEDS.


Discover and validate the customer needs with this Design Thinking & Doing Playbook.


Design and develop the interfaces fast and consistently using the digital UI library,

Stay on Brand

Deliver with polished messaging and follow our visual identity using brand guidelines!

Track & Improve

Track the usage and impact with the right metrics and keep improving continuously.

Design Thinking & Doing Toolkit

Design Thinking and Doing processes and toolkit for everyone to use.

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Digital UI Library

Styles and UI components for design and development of digital screens.

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Brand Guidelines and Assets

Essential elements and guidance to create marketing and communication materials for Stora Enso.

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CX Metrics Guidance

To understand the impact and improvement areas follow up the usage and measure what matters.

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Additional Business Design Resources

Core Principles of Innovation

Explore "First Principles" and "4 Lenses of Innovation" to understand and increase chances of a successful innovation.

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Breakthrough Innovation Blueprint

A structured process to create, validate and scale up innovations within Stora Enso (internal resource).

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Platform Economy Model

Explore platform economy business model and canvases to help you ideate and plan one, based on New Digital Business Days workshop content from December'19.

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Validation Methods

Different methods to test and validate business ideas quick and cheap before investing deep in them.

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